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Congratulation to shahlimy, you have win our Bidding prize for 10 usd announced at 24 Feb 2020

Welcome to join our forex copy instaforex announced at 15 Feb 2020
Congratulation to ugold1818, you have win our CONTEST REFERAL for 40 usd announced at 12 Jun 2019
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InstaForex Class

InstaForex Class

  1. Introduction
  2. Operations With InstaTrader Platform On The Basis Of MetaTrader 4
  3. Types of trends, types of charts and formation rules. Bull and bear speculations
  4. Types of exchange arrangements, rate of exchange
  5. Margin trading at Forex market
  6. Technique of the deals' execution and Technique of the deals' execution
  7. Introduction To The Technical Analysis, Dow Theory.
  8. Trend analysis
  9. Graphical patterns analysis and Graphical patterns analysis
  10. Candlesticks Analysis.
  11. Wave Analysis. Elliott Wave Principle
  12. Mathematical analysis
  13. Fundamental analysis of foreign exchange market.
  14. Trading systems.
  15. Risk management.
  16. Trading psychology.